We are a hair salon operating in Kammivabriku in Tartu, where professional hairdressers work. Our goal is to offer our customers, in addition to a beautiful color, cut and hairstyle, a relaxing and memorable experience. Every customer is special to us. You can be sure that your wishes and needs are our priority.

How did our salon start?

I am Meelika, the creator of Melli Stuudio. I have been working as a hairdresser for 14 years. These years include a fair amount of learning, lessons and experiences. I had a clear vision to create my own studio.

I love my job and quickly realized I could offer my clients much more than just a plain visit to the hairdressers. The ambition was to create a warm, cosy and calm atmosphere where each and every customer would feel welcome. My wish is to instill self-confidence in clients, as there is that something in every person that can be emphasized to bring out their beauty even more.

I also get to share my years of knowledge with my wonderful colleagues, training them continuously. Constant improvement is significant to me, and Melli Stuudio is exactly the place where I can invest my energy.

Melli Stuudio team’s mission is to radiate positive energy and make our customers happy, so when the customer leaves the studio, they are positively charged. In other words, the salon would be like the sun, which gives energy, light, warmth and brightness to your day! We believe that every client who visits Melli Stuudio could leave not only with a great hair color and hairstyle, but also with a smile on their face and inner glow in their heart!