I am Meelika – a girl who liked to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror even as a child. I remember times when I was doing my hair and my mother told me that I was a “mirror lady”.

As a teenager, I liked to either do my own hair or have others do it for me. I looked for pictures of hairstyles in magazines and had them tested on me.

Hairstyles have always been very important to me. For me, the hairdressing profession is a triumph in the field of beauty and a standard of feminine energy – that’s why I wanted to connect my professional life with it.

I studied hairdressing in Tartu, but I did my internship in Saaremaa, where my roots are. There I realized the difference and variety in customers and wishes. A very important part of our work is listening and finding out the client’s wishes. What I enjoy most about this job is that I can create something beautiful with my hands, and customers’ fulfilled wishes are what make me happy.

All my clients are very nice and they always give me so much energy – even if the battery seems empty in the morning, I’m nicely charged by the evening:) Happiness is when work and hobby overlap, and that’s exactly what I have. The field of beauty fascinates me and always makes my eyes shine.

In addition, I have studied to be a vocational teacher at the University of Tartu, after which I had the opportunity to teach hairdressers the art of hairstyling at a beauty school.

You can keep up with my activities at www.instagram.com/mellistuudio